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FRAMED SHOTS CAMERA CLUB was established in October  1994 by the participants of the Basic Photography  Workshop of the Federation of Philippine Photographers  Foundation (FPPF), the first to be held in Fort Santiago after  moving out of its Nayong Pilipino venue. The group adopted  the initials “FS” from Fort Santiago and came up with the name  Framed Shots Camera Club.

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The Club set down noble objectives which included  developing members’ skills and knowledge in photography,  gaining recognition and respect by winning in local and  international photo contests and, of course, fostering  camaraderie among members.

True to its objectives, the group started regularly winning  in various photo contests here and abroad. It also won the  coveted FPPF PhotoWorld Cup, a year-long photo contest  among camera clubs, for a record of four straight years from  2003 to 2006. It was also a member of the club who won  the Cup’s Photographer of the Year Award for three years  from 2003 to 200. Some of the other members who have  won awards are: Chito Cleofas, Noel Amata, Arnie Aranjuez,  Edwin Loyola, Rose Razon, Irma Santos, Nick Olayao, Mark  Aviles, Raneil Antonio Ibay, Rosa Maria Villasanta-Ibay, Enrico  Gutierrez, Roselyn Roldan, and Carlo Zamora.

Batanes lola in front of her traditional Ivatan home at Barangay Salagao, Ivana, Batanes (Published at Reader's Digest Asian Edition at the Unseen Asia feature, November 2006 issue; FPPF exhibit "Amazing Batanes" at SSS Gallery)

Batanes lola in front of her traditional Ivatan home at Barangay Salagao, Ivana, Batanes
(Published at Reader’s Digest Asian Edition at the Unseen Asia feature, November 2006 issue; FPPF exhibit “Amazing Batanes” at SSS Gallery)

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Meetings are held at the PBSP Building in Intramuros  every first Sunday of the month. The main activity during club  meetings is the monthly photo contest which selects the  twenty prints that will compete in the PhotoWorld Cup for the  Photographer of the Year, Camera Club of the Year and Rookie  of the Year Awards. Also held are on-the-spot (OTS) photo  contests among club members on the PBSP premises. Judging  is done on the same day.

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Out of town club outings are held in summer and in  October. Shoot-outs are planned around these trips—the Club  brings models or holds OTS photo contests to keep things a  little exciting and challenging.

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Owing up to its social responsibility to give back to  society as much as it receives, the Club held two fund- raising exhibitions for the benefit of the terminally ill child  beneficiaries of PalCare. The first was held in Rockwell, Makati,  in 2003 and the second was held in Phil-Am Life Manila in  2005.

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Current members of the Club are: Chito Cleofas, Noel  Amata, Arnie Aranjuez, Edwin Loyola, Rose Razon, Irma Santos,  Rellie Lopez, Rina Falcis, Arnold Perez, Riza Co, Kelvin Tan, Allan  Ong, Jenny Santos, Yvette Baluyot-Pascasio, Doc. Emil Valdez- Tan, Nick Olayao, Joseph Leña, Raneil Antonio Ibay, Rosa Maria  Villasanta-Ibay, Roselyn Roldan, Enrico Gutierrez, Erica Gatdula,  Melo Balingit, Ramil Leslie, Tin Leslie, Ricky Mangupag, Jim Paul  Sta. Maria, Carlo Zamora, Joey Yamane, Ian Gacutan, Kenneth  Si, Gina Aguilar, Pia Sison, Jojo Nibre, Willy Siy, Eden Mariquit,  and Arnel Cleofas.

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