From hard-hitting sport shots to dreamlike landscapes, Kyle Stanley’s photographs take the viewer from one genre to another, showing how obeying principles but not being bound by them leads to growth in one’s chosen craft.

While many photographers choose to focus on just one genre and expand their skills in it, Kyle Stanley who has a degree in psychology and journalism from the University of Maryland, differentiates himself by dipping his toes in various kinds of photography. In the Philippines, where he shoots mostly portraits and weddings, Kyle is the lead photographer at iMoments Fotographie.

Whether he’s shooting portraits, weddings, or the streets, Kyle is always ken on expressing his inner artist through his photographs. In his photos of action-packed sporting events and military drills, a bold editing style is visible, where the strong contrasts in textures and colors add to the overall impact of the images.

On the other hand, his landscapes may surprise with a dreamlike feel, while his portraits may undergo subtler editing to enhance their natural look.

Always at the forefront of creative experimentation, Kyle’s positive attitude towards his craft has given his photography an artistic edge that has let him to freely explore different genres and not be shackled by conventions—fearlessly leaving in each his own personal imprint.

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Your photographs range from action sports to portraiture and wedding. Which genre of photography would you like to be most known for?

There is not one genre of which I could choose to focus on, as they are all so vital and important to me. However, the style in which I choose to photograph and edit my photographs is in the realm of artistic photography.

What makes a good action sports photograph?

A good sports photograph is one that can tell the story of the sport being carried out all in one photograph—whether it be motion, drama, pain, anguish, defeat, or victory.

What preparations do you do for shooting fast-paced sports?

You have to know the sport and event that you are shooting. Spend time to survey the field, track, or stadium. Know where the light will be. Taking time to study the sport, how and where the action and drama will play out, is important in developing your plan of action to cover the event.

What are your top 3 tips to photographers who would want to be successful in their own photography business?

First, be approachable. Second, be positive in your words and actions towards others. Third, be of strong morals and ethics, do not use stolen software to create your works, and do not steal others’ images for your own use. And give your all to each and every photograph and client you have. Oops, I guess that’s four tips.

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