Lagalag Pants: The Price is Right

Because traveling and outdoor activities cost money, most opt to not invest on activewear anymore. It costs them extra when they can use items from their existing closet without fail. This is a misconception.


If you have a piece of clothing with many pockets, you can save money by not buying an extra bag for valuables. If you have pants that are light, you can be saved from the terror of excess baggage penalty fee. If you have bottoms that have an adjustable waistband, there’s no need to buy a belt. Plus the extra bucks are worth the comfort and ease you get when traveling or out on a thrilling adventure. It makes these trips that you paid for a lot more fun.


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Buying Lagalag pants is not much of a burden. In fact, it is not. You shed only a little more than a thousand bucks compared to what Columbia and The North Face offer, which are almost twice the price. Being also locally made, Lagalag knows Filipino travelers and adventure-seekers the most. It knows a Filipino’s demands and acts accordingly to meet them.


Trust someone who has 21 pairs of Lagalag pants: They are really worth buying and wearing while you live your life to the fullest.

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