Nikon School on-Board goes to Palawan

Nikon Onboard
Going on their first voyage, Nikon School on-Board headed by Nikon Pro and National Geographic Photo winner George Tapan takes the participants on a Photo Safari Trip with Nikon and 2Go travel last May 29. On board 2Go Travel’s ship, participants left the port of Manila and sailed to Coron, Palawan for the 2-day photo trip.
Being a Nikon Pro and known photographer, Tapan talked about his journey in photography to the participants. He presented some of his photographs and described how every detail of his work is constructed, from the composition of his photographs to the subject chosen.
Finally arriving at Calauit, the participants applied what Tapan has taught them by
capturing the beautiful sceneries. Guiding them, Tapan would give tips along the way and he also showed the participants how to get great angles and a perfect shot.
As the 2-day trip comes to and end, the participants were asked to submit at least two
entries for a chance to win a travel certificate sponsored by 2GO Travel in partnership with Nikon Philippines and EPSON Printing. The winning entries will be displayed at 2GO Travel’s corporate office and later on be featured in 2Go Travel’s ship.

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