Seal the deal: Lagalag pants secure your travel load with velcro

You sure have already seen velcro straps on clothing. Aside from zippers and buttons, this material is often used to lock pockets or attach two strips of fabric together. They are usually hidden in clothing, and with good reason. Obviously, if it’s freely open, it will lose its stickiness, and therefore, its function.



The pockets of Lagalag pants have velcro locks, maybe to make them aesthetically pleasing, but also to make sure they remain unmoved by evil forces of humanity. Simply put, the velcro keeps thieves away.


Whether you’re on local ground or not, you always have to be alert, more so when traveling. Tourists, like you for example, are easy targets of lurking eyes. Why? Thieves know that you’re new to the place and probably floating on cloud nine that you won’t give much attention to your belongings. So as soon as the opportunity to rob you presents itself to them, they grab it while they can. You have nothing to worry about if you’re wearing Lagalag pants because with a velcro strap securing your pocket, unlocking it would be more difficult. For an outside force to rip it open, the person must stand close to you and must apply pressure so logically, it’s impossible that he’ll be able to do it without alerting your senses.


However, velcro straps are less used than zippers because they easily get worn out. After opening and closing multiple times, they lose their sticky grip. What’s great with the velcro locks of Lagalag pants are their durability. They last longer than the extremely fine ones. It will most probably last you until your Lagalag pants don’t fit you anymore.

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