Fly right, fly light: Lagalag lightens your travel bag

Even for seasoned travelers, packing still remains a problem, more often than not. Just staring at an open luggage and a bed full of articles to fit in what seems to be such a small space already have eyebrows raising.


And the stress doesn’t even end there, because aside from the insufficient space dilemma, airlines and airports impose different baggage limits—weight and size. So what happens if you’re on a vacation for three weeks? Does that mean you’ll have to bring clothes for 21 days?


The practical (and logical) answer is no. How would you even get out of the airport without paying overpriced extra charges (that you probably don’t have the money for anymore)?


If you’re constantly on the go, exploring Europe for instance, you need to pack light. Heavy bags will be an absolute torture.


This is why Lagalag pants, convertibles and not, are such a relief to bring on trips. They are super lightweight, weighing 400 g. Denim pants generally weigh 600 g. so bringing Lagalag pants instead would allow you to bring 3 pairs than just 2. This wouldn’t affect the space in your baggage too because denim jeans are thicker than Lagalag pants and even bringing more of the latter would account to the same space occupied by less of the former.

If your trip involves a lot of walking (which most do, by the way) or going up like hiking, then light pants would lessen your tiredness and keep you energized throughout the excursion.


Your body would be thanking you big time. Plus, you need not worry of exceeding your airlines’ allowed baggage weight.

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