Golden GEMS holds GFaces 2015

Golden Gems continued its search for the jewels in every talented Filipino, aspiring their luck in the entertainment industry and performing arts. August 8, 2015 at the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium is a memorable moment for GFACES 2015 candidates paving their way to better opportunities in the industry, and subsequently opening an avenue to earn income for self-supporting youngsters. Free workshops in Commercial & Ramp Modeling, Acting, Dancing, and Singing equipped the candidates for the event. STARFACTOR multi- talented, Ms. Krissha Viaje and Walang Tulugan’s DETOUR member, Del Ramirez hosted the event. The audience enjoyed the performances of the aforementioned artists.

GFaces 2015 is sponsored by the National Parks Development Committee, Labs Kita Sabado, I-MAG Photography Magazine, Aficionado, Slimmersworld, Korean Fashion Shop, Pink Butterfly, and Belle Beau Salon.

Congratulations to the winners of GFACES 2015.

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