In high gear: Lagalag activates your life more

In recent years, traveling has been attracting hoards of people. It’s hard to crack if outdoor activities just took a drastic change on advertising or if the popularity of social media got everyone bitten by the travel bug. Facebook pages and Instagram accounts about traveling started to open one after another. People wanted to go outdoors, document their experiences and share them to the digital screens of their social circles, as if to shout, “I have a fun life!”


Consequently, people began investing on activewear. Shooting outfits with the hashtag OOTD, became a regular pastime and eventually grew into a laughing matter on long car rides or waiting hours. Nothing wrong about it but if you think more deeply, trip #OOTDs are only to satisfy people’s lust for social media acceptance. If you’re a true-blooded travel buff, fashion trends come tertiary, if not at all necessary. In terms of travel fashion, comfort is always the first agenda, next is function. Luckily, that’s what clothing brands made for traveling have mastered.


Since 1998, Lagalag has been manufacturing products for the traveler at heart, someone who loves the outdoor life, someone who has a thirst for adventure—which the brand draws its name from, a wanderlust. And it doesn’t disappoint because for travel junkies, Lagalag has made sure their products are of high quality that can withstand the challenges of trespassing nature and the stress of traveling.


From backpacks to sleeping bags to jackets to tops to caps and to pants, Lagalag has them all. It even has Lagalag Lakambini especially designed for women.

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Almost 18 years in the business, Lagalag knows and strives to give what their customers want: materials fit for every season, useful number of pockets, suitable size of bags, durability of straps, and secure locks that aim to address clothing woes of die-hard explorers. All these perks and its affordable price give American activewear brands, Columbia and The North Face, a run for their money.


And guess what? Lagalag is proudly Filipino made. If you’re doubting the sturdiness and quality of local brands, Lagalag is out to prove you wrong.


Get your feet strolling on their stores located at SM North Edsa, SM City Dasmariñas and Cassa Vallejo at Baguio City.  You can also shop their products online, available thru: Lazada and


For more information, visit their Facebook page here.


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