Lock it, Pocket: Lagalag Pants Carry your Travel Needs

If you want your trips to be hassle-free, you need to learn how to pack smartly.


One tip is to bring things that have double purposes. For example, instead of bringing a separate shampoo and conditioner, you can buy one that acts as both, like using a 3-in-1 coffee mix instead of buying all three ingredients.


In travelling, instead of having too many bags, wear clothing with many spacious pockets. This can be instant lifesavers from assuring your valuables won’t get lost to minimizing the number of bags your two hands would carry.


For instance, Lagalag pants have 4-8 pockets that can fit your pertinent documents, wallet, and gadgets ranging from the size of your smartphone to an Ipad mini. Wherever you go, you take these valuables with you. They won’t get lost, unless you remove them from your pockets and place them somewhere else you forgot.


Having many pockets, Lagalag pants are also reliable for outdoor adventures when you usually opt to not bring a bag because one, it’s extra baggage and; two, you need your hands to hold on rocks, bamboo sticks, etc. when traversing nature. Because you don’t have a bag with you, pockets would do you a lot of good by keeping your hands free and at the same time, carrying your bottle of water, extra towel and gadget.


Thank God for pants with many pockets.

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