Made to Aid: Lagalag pants’ material makes traveling easy breezy

When buying clothes, the material (largely meaning the fabric) has to be of good quality. When traveling, good clothing quality helps you survive changing climates, makes a respectable impression and lessens laundry stress.


Lagalag pants are made of Nylon Taslan that dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle easily, doesn’t warm the skin excessively, and doesn’t hug too tightly.

Lagalag Men's Bulakbol Pants (Khaki)

Lagalag Men’s Bulakbol Pants (Khaki)


If you’re going to meet someone, you don’t have to iron it anymore to ensure a good impression. If you get it wet, don’t worry because it would dry in a few hours and wouldn’t cause you additional baggage weight. Also if you washed it during your trip, you don’t have to wait for days before you can wear it again. The texture is smooth and soft that it doesn’t hug tight to the skin and make you perspire nonstop. Isn’t it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and trekking? With you already sweating from exhaustion, it would be a relief to not be wearing something that makes your body feel hotter. And then if you’re going to someplace cold, there’s enough space to wear thermals underneath.


This is comfort at its finest.

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