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The Sensual Beauty of Rim Lighting


I would like to share and to help develop your eye. In the coming issues, I will explain and demonstrate different lighting and non-lighting techniques that professional photographers use to enhance or even glamorize their product shots.


I will not give any kind of highlight/shadow ratios, formulas, f-stops, lens recommendations, etc. I would like you to discover those yourselves. For example, if I say my setting is f/8, you may find out that f/5.6 will be better for your purposes. Your lights are different from my lights especially when it comes down to power. My only recommendation for a lighting system when you begin experimenting with my techniques is to start with the highest setting–the most powerful one. And then lower the power as you see fit. Which reminds me: the lighting system I am talking about is electronic flash.


Rim light, for me, is one of the most exciting, ‡sensual· lighting techniques around. It highlights the shape while outlining your product. It can make the product look sleek and/or expensive. But please take note that the technique works best if the product is shiny or smooth in texture: glass, polished stainless steel, or shiny plastic. It can work with leather or even wood as long as the surfaces are, as mentioned, smooth and/or shiny.


Follow Mark Floro’s technique about rim lighting on issue 4. Printed copies are already sold out but you may still download its digital version here:’s-Interest/

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