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some people credit Patrick Uy with the shaking up of the old photographers’ hierarchy and heralding in a new era for the often under-esteemed wedding photographers when he started shooting the high-profile nuptials of his friends. He is said to be among the first to do away with many of the stiff, traditional wedding poses, preferring to capture light happy moments. When not in his studio, Pacific Light, or shooting weddings, Patrick is off snapping photos around the world.

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What’s in your camera bag?

Nikon D200 with 17–55mm f/2.8, D200 with 80–200mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4, 300mm f/2.8, 14mm, 105mm macro.


What can’t you leave the house without?

My mobile phone.


First camera?

Nikon FM2.


Favorite camera?

Nikon F5, now Digital D200—great value for the money.


Shooting advice you wish you never listened to?

Film is cheap. Not true, burned a hole in my wallet.


Shooting tip or habit that you swear by?

Shoot first, ask questions later; when in doubt shoot first, delete later.


Best photo you’ve taken

Goma on Horse—my first photographic billboard for Bench


Worst shoot ever

Baby shoot following a stupid layout created by an Art director who did not have a baby. Took two days shoot to get one layout. They had to use Scitex to digitally compose the image eventually—this was before Photoshop.


If you were to measure your life in shutter speed and aperture, what would it be?

F/2 on automatic, some parts in focus, the rest goes into a blur.


Photographer you most identify with

Albert Watson, Timothy Greenfield-Sander, Gilles Bensimon.


Photographer you most admire

James Nachtwey, and our very own Emil Davocol—the best.

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Your idea of the perfect shoot

Magic hour—during sunset.


What is the most marked characteristic of your photos?

Natural and happy.


What photographic technique, style or equipment is overrated?

Digital Cameras—just because you can press the button does not make you a good photographer.


What would you absolutely not shoot?

A funeral.


When did you know that you would be a photographer?

I toyed with the idea since college 4th year, as I graduated from college and tried being a contributor to local magazines—realized it cannot even pay for my gasoline. Very difficult to make a career out of photography.


What kind of photography do you do for money?

Wedding, Advertising–money is good, food is usually good too!


What photography do you do for fun?

Travel with the Famous Voyages; nature; portraits, such as the ones I did of the Philippine Everest Team.


If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

Travel guide or Flight Steward.


How would you want to be remembered?

“Hug Please” Patrick, our favorite photographer.


Any tips or words of advice for other photographers?

New photographers are so lucky with digital. The learning curve is not as steep, prohibitive cost of film and
processing a thing of the past. Just Shoot It!

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Scaling the top. In his free time, Patrick takes portrait of athletes such as Pastour Emata, the second Filipino to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

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