Shoot a pre-nup your clients will never regret. i-mag gives you 5 easy ways on how you can nail that perfect pre-nup. Photos by Roland Jumawan

A pre-nuptial photoshoot, sometimes called an e-session, or an engagement shoot, has benefits that contribute to the overall success of a photographer whose main purpose is to photograph a wedding day in a way that will satisfy the clients’ expectations.

It’s like a “training day” for both the photographer and the couple. It’s your chance to get to know your subjects—whether they are blinkers, if they have physical imperfections that can be addressed by simple posing tricks, or if they are receptive or not to your directions. In a way, a pre-nup shoot allows you to identify possible shooting difficulties and to nip them in the bud.

On the other hand, it’s also a great opportunity for camera-shy couples to practice how they’re supposed to project, pose, or kiss in front of the camera; and when the big day comes, they know what is expected from them.

A well-done pre-nup likely leads to a successful wedding coverage, which in turn generates client referrals. Creative input, ample planning, and excellent shooting skills are all important. Although shooting a pre-nup is easier said than done, here are 5 easy, must-do tips that can help you make those pre-nup moments happen.

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Contemporary pre-nup shoots can range from playful to posh, rock to retro, and so on. Although there are outspoken couples who know from the start what they specifically want in their pre-nup shoot, there are also a number of couples who bank on the photographer to guide them in choosing a suitable theme

It’s advisable to arm yourself with a couple of ideas before you meet with your clients. Be ready to pitch in your best ideas in choosing the right theme, location, props, hair and make-up, and wardrobe.


A zoom lens that can work at different focal lengths is a good workhorse for pre-nup shooters. Zoom lenses, such as a 24-105mm lens, give you the versatility to shoot wide or to shoot far. With the range they can cover, you can avoid the hassle of changing lenses during the shoot.


Sometimes, what saves a shoot from becoming a total disaster is the most unassuming, non-photography paraphernalia. So be a good scout and come prepared with food and water to keep you and your clients energized, especially if you’re shooting at a remote location

Here are some other things you have to pack: a bug spray, a first-aid kit, super glues, weather umbrellas, facial tissues, safety pins, and bin liners.

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Avoid giving your clients a backbreaking pose at the start of the shoot. It’s important to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Otherwise, you’d see their tense facial expressions in your photos.

For a smooth and easy start, consider asking the couple to do something they’re familiar with, such as walking while they’re holding hands. Once they’re comfortable, you can give simple instructions to refine their pose.


Don’t be afraid to leave room for negative space. This compositional technique does not only get rid of clutter, it also brings the focus to the couple you’re shooting.


On the more practical side, shots with ample negative space are useful for wedding announcements, invitations, custom stationeries, and thank you notes.


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