Shake off the Stress, Travel with Lagalag pants

You travel because you want to be reminded of life’s joys and escape its reality for a while. You travel to distress, to breathe a little because you’re just so exhausted from everything you’ve been doing lately.


But travel, like any other thing in life, doesn’t come without a mishap. While it’s mostly fun, it can also get a bit stressful—especially if you didn’t plan well and made bad choices.


One mistake people often commit when traveling is packing the wrong clothing, which unavoidably causes stress. So help yourself and choose pieces that simplify things for you.


Lagalag pants are a no-brainer choice. They have a polyester waistband liner that is adjustable to any waistline. You don’t have to wear a belt anymore that you remove every single time you pass through a body scanner that detects metals. Moreover, they have expandable zippers at the bottom that you can open if you’re wearing knee-high shoes or any bulky footwear. And their convertible pants can of course turn into shorts if you wish your legs to breathe for a day.


These are really minor dilemmas but getting rid of them would spare you from headaches. No hassle!

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