Issue 18


Cover: Art on a Kitchen Table by Edwin Loyola


Issue Contents:




The Poetry of Water by Tilak Hettige
We wouldn’t run away from water and rain if we could see its poetry and symbolism
Chasing the Storm by Noli Gabilo
Great images from brightest day and blackest night, from climes both fair and foul
Marcin Stawiarz, master of light and desolation
Judes Echauz, CCP Master Photographer and black-and-white craftsman




A Thousand Words
Photo Challenge: What is It?




0 to 50 in 300 Seconds by Dail Deri
Being fast on the trigger doesn’t need a blazing-fast camera
Reality Turned on Its Head (Part 1)
The abstract photography of Mayie Delgado
Elements of Design (Part 2)
S-curve is more than just a leading line
Learning to be an Artist
Tilak Hettige talks to Puerto Rican sculptor Jose Rodriguez on becoming an artist
The iQ Page
The most misunderstood terms in digital imaging—resolution and high resolution
How to Choose the Right Training Center
Crowded classrooms and knowledgeable instructors don’t guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth




Black-and-White Contrast Filters
Part 3 of Jun Miranda’s series on doing B&W right
Non-Destructive Editing in Photoshop by Jun Miranda
Remember Rule No. 1, “Neither delete nor overwrite the original”
Work More Efficiently in Photoshop by Jun Miranda
Finish editing faster and get back to photography sooner




Spec Chek:
Samsung NV24 HD and the
Western Digital WD120 Portable


PHLOG Photographers’ Log


Photokina, world’s biggest photo show
PCCI Class Schedule
Alcove Calendar
PC Express Digital Art Winners
Adobe Acrobat 9 for Office Professionals
World Photo Contest on Environment
Vietnam Redux




Ed Yap says to leave rubber faces where they belong—on dolls