Issue 19

Issue Contents:




CLEFS: Key to Good Photography
an I-MAG exclusive
Learn the five elements the great masters practiced
Au Naturel and Al Fresco
by Tilak Hettige
Nature photographers know why flowers are best shot in the wild
Metal to the Petal
by Tilak Hettige
It takes more than hardware to tame soft petals
The Camera as Paintbrush
by Mayie Delgado and Andrea Gascoyne
Part 2 of Mayie’s series on abstract photography adds motion to the mix
Workbook: How to Read a Photograph
by Mark Floro
Analyze photographs and mine them for solutions you can use
Inner Vision: The Next Level
Six students get into Tilak’s head, now we go into theirs




A Thousand Words: 2008 Canon PhotoMarathon
Palawan Step by Step
Travelogue for Photographers
First-hand account by Neil Garcia, Jun Miranda, and Naomi Quimpo
Photo Challenge: My Backyard




Asian in the White House
Tilak Hettige interviews Indian photojournalist Rajan Devadas
MacGyver Bag of Tricks
by Dail Deri
Don’t wait for a problem to arise on the set
The Icewoman Cometh
by Mark Floro
Somebody fakes it better than Mark




The New Features of Photoshop CS4
Jun Miranda takes the wraps off the Fantastic Fourth
Stormy Weather on Demand
Jun Miranda rains on your parade
Bolt from the Blue
Lightning bolts exactly where you want ’em
CS3s Digital Black-and-white Darkroom
Part 4 of Jun Miranda’s series on doing B&W right




Infrared Can Be Fun Again
by Renzo Sen and Gina Avecilla


PHLOG Photographers Log


Canon PhotoMarathon
Sony’s 24.6MP pro d-SLR
The brothers Hutchens (somewhere) in China
Ynzal pitches Acrobat 9 to office pros
Edwin Loyola exhibits for a cause




A picture is worth typically only 967 words, says Ed Yap