Issue 20

Cover Photo by Gerald Yuvallos

Issue Contents:




Color as Subject
Understanding the color wheel and a bit of color theory
12 Important Lessons I Learned from My Dog
by Ed Yap
That wagging tail is more instructive than you think
Old Wine in New Bottle / by Dail Deri
In this digital world, the old tricks still work
A Thousand Words
Photo Challenge: Seeing Double




Ring Around the Rosie / by Dail Deri
Walk around the clock and see how a single light falls on a subject.
Thematic Photographs
Themes train you to be more observant, and show viewers coherence
Do-it-Yourself Cards
Put your photos on greeting cards, postcards, invitations, and calling cards
The IQ Page
This month, we tackle feedback on past issues




Photoshop CS4’s Killer Features
Jun Miranda takes the wraps off the Fantastic Fourth (Part 2)
20 Photoshop Secrets / by Jun Miranda
Amaze friends and clients with these undocumented techniques
Creating a Magazine Cover / by Jun Miranda
A useful application of CS2’s jaw-dropping tool, the Vanishing Point




Ador Pamintuan, resource person
Vic Sison, resourceful photographer




Moving Pictures / by Mark Floro
The future of pro photography is photos-cum-video
Good Good Vibrations
Image stabilization or wrist strength? See for yourself


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Club de Camera Digital’s blue Christmas
SLR’s winning pics on show
PCCI’s schedule of classes




The Game of the Name
by Ed Yap