Issue 21

Cover Photo by Raymund Isaac

Issue Contents:




Shedding Light on Portrait
How to work the studio lights
Raymund Isaac, Man of Substance
by Anna Christina Sagarbarria
Style and panache catch the attention, but substance holds it
Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow / by Dail Deri
How to use light and posing to conceal imperfection
Portrait Retouching by Jun Miranda
Portraits are possibly the most retouched photographs




Travel Log: Mt. Pulag / by Neil Garcia
The passion for photography drives us to the top of the world
A Forgotten Corner of the Philippines / by Tilak Hettige
Five hundred years after Magellan, another foreign traveler discovers paradise
A Thousand Words
Photo Challenge: Odd Man Out




The Road Not Taken
The road less-traveled makes all the difference for Mayie Delgado
Bermuda Triangle of Photography / by Erick Lirios
How you price a project affects everyone
Put Your Name in Pictures
The most useful function is also the most underutilized




Controlled Editing with Channels / by Jun Miranda
Alpha channels make your edits editable and cancelable




Lensbaby Grows Up / by Julian Demerre
A flakey optic in a world of tack-sharp images


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Sony heats up summer with cool stuff
The Lensmen Makati show their stuff
PCCI launches Institute of Photography




Life is nothing without mojo / by Jun Miranda
Eastman had the right idea in 1888 / by Ed Yap