Issue 22

Cover Photo by G-nie Arambulo

Issue Contents:




Tilak Hettige sees the light in backlight
I-MAG’s Travel Log goes far north to
Ilocos norte
The class of Tilak Hettige learns the importance of focusing on a theme




Joseph and Louise Simone, Canada’s leading portraitistes look into a person’s authenticity
G-nie Arambulo, advertising photographer, walks softly and carries a big stick




A Thousand Words
Selected photographs plus six fnalists in the online photo challenge
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Nature Abstract” and “Complementary Colors” contests




Dail Deri shows how to light and pose a long face
Mark floro looks into the gray areas in white balance
I-MAG tackles hands in informal portraits
Erick Lirios continues his series on pricing




Jun Miranda puts layer masks in the realm of creativity


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


SPPP holds a workshop in the wild
First Calabarzon graphicon
Pinoy makes Pentax cover
Jazel is a cut-up in France
HP takes off with new ‘jets
Ricoh sports a removable viewfnder
Alcove starts ’em young




Neil Garcia sees that art is blind
IPR violation, Jun Miranda reminds us, is a two-way street
Instead of counting pixels, Ed Yap says, we should count service technicians