Issue 23

Cover Photo by Per-Andre Hoffman

Issue Contents:




Tilak Hettige simplifes his life
The Travel Log team gains a beachhead on Corregidor




While we don’t expect brides to be repeat customers, wedding photographer Richel Mascariñas says, we can work for referrals to relatives and friends.
Rather than be king of the fishbowl, Ariel Javelosa, one of the most successful wedding photographers, prefers to be prince of a much larger realm.




A Thousand Words
Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Serenity” photo contest




Mark Floro figures lighting ratios without counting on his fngers
Dail Deri shows how to deal with men no pose
Julian Demerre takes a ruler to the meter
Erick Lirios continues his series on pricing




Jun Miranda shows how to do HDR right
Jun Miranda says Lightroom may be what you need




RAID is more than just a stack of drives


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


I-MAG throws a second EB party
Sony sees a brave new world
Canon wins the vote of readers
Per-Andre Hoffmann shows off his work
Graphic Expo 2009 makes it 14
SanDisk throws a safety net
Rob Reyes and Lino Almuenda win in contest
PAL club is grounded
August photocon focuses on Malaysia




Neil Garcia accepts pennies for his thoughts
Ed Yap doesn’t ride escalators, he walks up and down them