Issue 24

Cover Photo by Jun Miranda

Issue Contents:




Tilak Hettige has a sharp eye out
for motion blur
The Travel Log team discovers delightful treats other than chocolate on Bohol
I-MAG shoots fast action at a sanctioned free-for-all
Creative blurring is fine, but you still need to hold your camera steady




Just when he thought he’d never do oil again, Charlie Lim discovers the Hosemaster
Nigel Barker makes the world a better place for all




A Thousand Words
Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Old Architecture” photo contest




Mark Floro goes off-k to find the perfect pitch
Dail Deri deals with the dreaded tweenage years
Erick Lirios shows how to survive in a mad, mad world
I-MAG takes a Sony point-and-shoot to the depths




Jun Miranda removes noise without using plugins
Jun Miranda catalogs his photos with Lightroom


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Canon delights with new offerings
JVC intros a color-managed LCD
Epson gets its feet wet
Travel Light closes out malaysia show
PiPhols mark their anniversary
Pal camera club announces a calendar




Neil Garcia warns against getting caught in a web of deceit
Jun Miranda scratches a festering itch