Issue 25

Cover Photo by Jun Miranda

Issue Contents:




Eight ways to keep your outtakes from ending up in the digital trash
You’ve followed the composition rules, now focus on the detail
More than just a mountain-cool vacation retreat in the summer, Tagaytay is also a colorful, breathtaking vista for photographers




Getting it exactly right in-camera was Ben Chan’s training as an advertising photographer
Francis Rivera was at the forefront of digital photography, when d-SLR’s were still at three megapixels




A Thousand Words
Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Color in Black-and-White” photo contest




Dail Deri whistles for crowd control again
Mark Floro brings the real world of mixed lighting into his laboratory




Jun Miranda organizes his burgeoning library in Lightroom
I-MAG recreates those essential post-processing procedures of the wet darkroom




Jun Miranda shows how to keep lenses in tip-top shape–and marketable
I-MAG looks over the shoulder of a Canon technician
Despite its half-frame sensor, the Canon 7D has features its bigger brothers don’t have


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Canon mixes coffee with Pixma
Columbia hugs the KIS Photobook
Sony Vaio X marks the spot
Canon PhotoMarathon overruns Tagaytay
Neo has the Edge
Per-Andre shows his stuff
The Deri Duo are weighty in Leyte
PLDT changes the guard
Assumption Hi reads I-MAG