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Issue 26

Cover Photo by Edwin Martinez

Issue Contents:




How to work in Photoshop without feeling like a bozo
The secret key to understanding apertures and shutter speeds
Our Travel Log team sees what the Americans and Spaniards saw in Baguio




Mandy Navasero brings home the bacon–and a diploma from Brooks
Edwin Martinez does landscapes the old-fashioned way–with a camera not with a mouse




A Thousand Words
Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Nature’s Fury” and “My City” photo contests




Ibarra Deri takes the single-strobe challenge to do a difficult advertising shot
For less than the cost of an OEM camera strobe, you can build a portable studio with a strobist kit
Dail Deri answers the question the books don’t explain
Mark Floro wants the world to go green




Jun Miranda uses Lightroom to find files in a digital haystack
We show you how to add borders properly–and automatically


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Canon shows its true colors at I-MAG color management forum EB
Sony makes Vaios powerful and affordable
PCCI releases second quarter sked