Issue 29

Cover Photo by Per-Andre Hoffmann

Issue Contents:




32 pages Giant Landscape Issue
Chasing Light
Ansel Adams called landscape photography the “supreme test of the photographer–and often the supreme disappointment.” Edwin Martinez and Jay Jallorina tell us why
Essential Filters for Landscape Photography
There are still some things Photoshop can’t do
Composing the Landscape
“Paint” the landscape the way you want it
Three Styles of Landscape Photography
Choose the treatment that best conveys how you felt at the time.
The Art of the Landscape
Tilak Hettige makes us aware of the elements of art in the landscapes




Among heritage sites, nothing compares with the cradle of modern Philippine society, Cebu
The untold stories behind a photograph can be just as memorable
A Thousand Words
Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Seeing Double” photo contest




Gerald Yuvallos
For pros and amateurs alike, photography is fun and relaxing, even more so when you don’t have to blow your life’s savings doing it
Jan Gonzales
Tons of expensive equipment can stunt, rather than develop, creative growth. But not when the artist recognizes them as the means, not the end




Three Stages of Sharpening
Landscape photos have large depths of field, but as with all digital photos, their sharpness is compromised by digital technology itself
Make Mine CS5
Julian Demerre demonstrates three reasons for upgrading to Photoshop CS5




Canon G12: Good to Go
There are times when a d-SLR is just too big for the job. For those times you can whip out the Canon G12.


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


PiPho’s passion lives on
Sony compacts go 3D
Premier Iloilo club turns 30
Nikon travels light
Cebu and Davao race for Canon
Epson maxes out
Canon promises a cool Yule
Sony gives away 3D showcase
Canon colors Davao