Issue 30

Cover Photo by Rey Ortiz/Camera Club of the Philippines

Issue Contents:




34 pages Traveling with a Camera
Traveler or Tourist?
Traveling with a camera doesn’t make you a travel photographer any more than using a saw makes you a carpenter
Time & Place
Show how a place flows in the tides of time
Travel in 3D
Tilak Hettige adds a new dimension—literally—to travel photos
Travel Details
Shoot small and show a bigger picture of your travels
Village People
Tilak Hettige finds the heartbeat of a place in the natives, not in the rocks and plants
Travel Photography from a Different Perspective
Mayie Delgado unearths gems in the most mundane travel destinations




Discover tradition in highly industrialized Taiwan
The untold stories behind a photograph can be just as memorable
A Thousand Words
Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Online Photo Challenge
The finalists in the “Great Timing” photo contest




Roberto Paterno
Camera clubs can be a good place to improve one’s photography
Rey Ortiz
Lessons are everywhere, but we need to be alert for them




Underwater Photography
It’s now easy for anyone to get into underwater photography
Do-it-Yourself Light Box
Pro quality product shots on your kitchen table




Panoramic Stitching
Travel is broadening, but your lenses aren’t




The Un-sensored Truth
Can small cameras hack it as our second camera?
Canon Plant Tour
We visit Canon in Japan and talk shop with their engineers


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Alcove shoots up Makati
Canon whoops it up
Fuji Xerox makes it light
360 tours you around
Hitachi makes backing up fun
Neo cares about you
Nikon launches D7000
Philips cuts it thin
i-Mag lights up EB