Issue 31

Cover Photo by Rey Ortiz/Camera Club of the Philippines

Issue Contents:




On Becoming a Photojournalist
__It takes more than just fast reflexes (and luck) to become a photojournalist
Underwater Smarts
__Taking good digital photographs topside is one thing, but underwater is an entirely different matter




John Denver may as well have been thinking of Sagada when he sang of “cathedral mountains” and its Echo Valley where “you can talk to God and listen to the casual reply”
Tilak Hettige looks at photo contests from the viewpoint of judge and participant
A Thousand Words
__Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
Photo Challenge
__Winners in the Alpha Camera Club contest on “Rice”




Ramon and Chito Vecina
__Offspring of photojournalists see beyond the stories of hell and follow in their father’s footsteps anyway




Strobist at Work
__Mark Floro follows up his strobist mini-workshop with a real-life application at a product launching
Portrait Checklist
__Dail Deri ticks off the “little” things that portrait photographers overlook
Drive-by shooting
__is not as futile as it may seem, from a serious photographer’s viewpoint




Extracting Detail from RAW
__Without shooting bracketed exposures or using auto-HDR
Manual HDR
__What to do if your old version of Adobe Camera Raw can’t open your new-version RAW file
Easier Black-and-White
__Black-and-white purists can really learn to love Photoshop CS5
Correcting Lens Aberrations
__How to work with Photoshop’s database of camera and lens profiles to correct aberrations




The Un-sensored Truth
__Can small cameras hack it as our second camera?
Canon Plant Tour
__We visit Canon in Japan and talk shop with their engineers


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Canon flies pwd’s
Canon colors your world
Pixma speeds up A3 printing
Sony unveils laptop masterpieces
Sony steps up the heat
Chinabank cam club turns one
FHM photog bares it all
SPPP goes to Naic
UP Crest honors the Filipina