Issue 32

Cover Photo by Ronaldo “Royginald” Fortaleza

Issue Contents:




The Naked Truth About Glamour Photography
__A celebration of the female body. Featuring the photography of former FHM photographer Borj Meneses
Vamps on the Ramp
__Watching the girls go by is not as straightforward as it sounds, at a fashion show
Belles in the Boondocks
__Location portrait photography doesn't need studio lights




Japan, once and forever The Land of the Rising Sun
Underneath the silicon and transistors beats a human heart that bleeds. This is the side that tourists come to see and experience
A Thousand Words
__Selected photographs from our readers and forum members
SLR Photo Challenge
__Winners in the Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal (SLR) contest on “Las Casas Filipina de Acuzar”




Land Grabbing with Christian Lim
__While other photographers shoot everything under the sun, Christian soars higher and grows faster by focusing on one field
Water Therapy with Dr. Stan dela Cruz
__Looking to escape from the pressures of life through photography? For Stan, nothing is more relaxing than underwater photography




Pyro for the Tyro
__Go out into the night to catch “the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air”
Falling for Water
__Learn how to make silk strands out of waterfalls
Documentary Photography
__As if it's not hard enough already to say a thousand words in one photograph, Tilak Hettige tells stories through photos




Not Another Doll Face
__Avoid rubbery, doll-like skin, one of excesses of the Photoshop age
Dragan Slayer
__If you like the gritty skin effect, but not the pasty bloodless skin
Digital Portfolio
__Powerpoint and Keynote are a lot of work, and not pretty enough for a portfolio presentation




FastPictureViewer Pro
__Fight deadlines with the fastest RAW image viewer and culler on earth


PHLOG (Photographers' Log)


Akari packs power
Nikon opens main service center
NUDIsts are exhibitionists
APC learns from the pros
WPPP goes to Davao
PVX ups the ante
Bellarocca gives back