Issue 33

Cover Photo by Jan Gonzales

Issue Contents:




Reality Show
__Jan Gonzales show us that photo illustration requires a human eye and hand to succeed
Made in Heaven
__Our lighting workshop finishes up in Photoshop with a step-by-step photo illustration tutorial
Big Thinking with Compact Cameras
__Peter Emmett starts a photography class for compact cameras
Negros Occidental, Somewhere in Time
__The land that lives in a virtual time warp, its world populated by autocratic sugar barons, Spanish-speaking hacienderos, and large colonial houses




A Thousand Words
__Main gallery of selected photographs by readers and forum members
Framed Shots Photo Challenge
__The Framed Shots Camera Club, one of the winningest clubs in Manila, tackles games Filipino children play




Guy Gagnon, black-and-white artiste
__A database administrator discovers the world around him-and discovers himself
Tim Vollmer and Markéta Kalvachová
__A couple find love and discove a photographers paradise in Iceland




Off-camera Flash
__Mark Floro reminds us that the portable flash is the outdoor photographer’s best friend
Pop-up Power
__Noli Gabilo shows us that the built-in flash is more useful than we think
Shooting Droplets
__Here’s a fun and creative project newbies and pros can enjoy all year round
Getting Out of a Creative Rut
__Exercises for getting back your mojo
A Place in the Sun
__Techniques for coping with harsh mid-day sun
Making an Impression
__The impressionist approach takes the city out of the city




Faking Old Photographs
__For a new look to your color photographs, make them look old




The Price is Light
__Canon makes quality affordable with the PowerShot A2200 & A3300 IS


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


i-Mag simplifies lighting
Canon runs its marathon
Taiwan shows its new heart
Nikon unveils its new faces
Nikon uploads Asian trio
Batangas holds a contest