Issue 34

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Cover Photo by Jackie Dean

Issue Contents:




Negative Space
__Less is more. Make use of negative space to create compelling photographs
Basics for Compact Cameras
__Peter Emmett continues his compact camera photography glass with proper composition
Birds of Coron
__Wild bird photographer Ely Teehankee tells us that photographers catch the birds by getting up earlier than the early birds
Zamboanga, Asia’s Latin City
__The home of Spanish-speaking individuals; an industrialized city famous for its vintas, divers culture and local cuisine, and century-old structures




PiPho Photo Challenge
__Top photos from Pinoy Photography Org
A Thousand Words
__The best photos from Canon PhotoMarathons in Bicol, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro, Ilocos Sur, and Manila




Pinoy Photography (PiPho)
__One of the biggest online photography communities in the country, PiPho still dares to learn, share and enliven their passion by Paying It Forward
Nigel Hicks, travel photographer
__A globetrotter, photographer and writer shares the nature of commissioned work




Taming the City
__Guy Gagnon shows his vision of urban architecture in pure black-and-white
Orlee reveals a technique in shooting droplets
__Trick photography made possible without the help of post processing




Oh, Eye See
__Makeup retouching after shoot, learn how to make it look natural
__Point-and-shoot and handheld SLR shots of waterfalls can also be smooth and silky




How to Choose Your Next Lens
__You will keep your lenses way longer than your camera body, it is worthwhile to know how to choose one


PHLOG (Photographers’ Log)


Canon runs PhotoMarathons nationwide
Canon introduces new PIXMA Printers
Hoffman testifies for PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II
Pentax’s smallest interchangeable lens camera
Sony spreads love this Christmas
Sony gives X-mas treats
Sony launches thinner compacts
Sony opens another store
Sony upgrades to NEX-5N
PictureBooks adapts new technology
Olympus introduces PEN cameras
Nikon introduces its newest babies
WPPP goes retro
Chinabank Aperture Club holds a party







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