In partnership with Asia Society for Social Improvement & Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST), we are inviting everyone to join TEN PHOTOS TO SHAKE THE WORLD 2016.


We are looking for ten compelling photos to shake the world and capture various aspects of urban development across different cities in the Philippines.


Here are the 3 themes for this year:

Theme 1: Green City


Years of innovation has taught society of the importance of nature in development. Preserving our natural environment has become paramount as we begin the new millennium in hopes of providing a clean resourceful society for future generations. Green spaces such as parks and urban gardens have shown us the peace and tranquility nature brings to the hustle of urban life. How can we do this? Is it even possible? Use this theme to inspire today’s generation to work for tomorrow’s development.   


Theme 2: Connected City


Progress and efficiency. These two words have defined daily life in todays urban cities. As modern cities continue to find ways to become more innovative, it has also found ways to mobilize resources and ideas to serve the society better. Connected cities have become the new norm in urban planning, and has shown to be the way forward in planning the cities of the future. Has your city achieved this goal? Show us through capturing the connectedness of daily life in the urban environment.                  


Theme 3: Legacy City


Past, present, future. Important concepts in the life of any city. A cities legacy lies in its past and is designed by its future. It is a mix of old city concepts and architectural feats of the present. Showcase the ways your city preserves its history through modern means. This theme aims to showcase the historical importance of your city though the lens of modernity.


So what are you waiting for? Submit your entries now and win prizes!
Deadline of submission is on July 5, 2016


To join, please read the mechanics carefully at http://www.assistasia.org/TPSW2016/


Good luck and happy shooting!


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