Wedding Photography Business

Wedding Photography Business

I was hesitant to write down a guide in starting a wedding photography business as we’ve only been in business for a short time. Nevertheless, as a new entrant to this industry, i did a lot of reading and research not only on the artistic side of wedding photography but also the business side.

All these tips are based on experience, trial and error, reading the various photography forums.


• The basic photo equipment you’ll need to start is a DSLR body, a lens, a flash, CF cards and batteries. But make sure during a wedding coverage that you have backup equipment: either a film body, borrowed equipment or have a second shooter. You’ll also need a computer and photo editing software.

• Buy the best that you can afford based on your shooting style. example, for the traditional approach, the kit lens might be all you need. For the photojournalist approach you may need a faster telephoto lens aside from a wider lens.

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• Best and affordable can mean second-hand. Lurk in the online forums, http://pinoyphotography. org, group/group/photo, www.bidshot. com and for good deals on photography equipment.

• Upgrade. Invest a part of what you earn on equipment.

• Read your equipment manual. Learn what it can and can’t do. Know what each button and setting is for.

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Learn from the online forums, http://www.pinoyphotography. org., phphoto, com/group/phphoto, http://www., http://www. etc.

Visit the Websites and the blogs of the top wedding photographers to find the style you wish to pursue. seek inspiration but develop your own style.

• is an excellent resource for off camera flash lighting.

Learn how to post process your images. if you cannot do it on your own, find a graphic and layout artist.

• Read books and magazines about photography.

Look for photos that wow you and Join a photography club.

Find a professional printer.

• Attend the WPPP Photocongress.

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Write down your business plan. there are several good books on how to come up with a good business plan. Having a plan helps set your goals, and will keep you from being caught unaware.

• Know your target market and who your ideal customer is. Once you’ve identified them, offer them products.

• Register your business with the proper government agencies e.g. dti, bir, city hall. Hire an accountant on retainer as soon as possible.

• Get listed at Weddings@Work directory. The W@Wies, as they are called, have been a big part of our success.

• Network with other suppliers. Join the Weddings@Work supplier’s discussion group. not only can you network with other suppliers but you are also in on the latest trends of the local industry.

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• Develop your brand. read books and Websites on branding. Have a logo.

• Have a professionally done Website on your own domain and server. The best local Web designers are at, of which i am also a member.

Join wedding fairs but choose them wisely.

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deliver quality products and quality service.

charge what you think you’re worth.

• has an excellent forum on the photography business.

These are just a few tips that may or may not work for you. but above all, strive to be different. Follow your heart.

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Words & Photos by KARL DE LEON

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