Why Advertise in i-Mag

We deliver loyal customers, not one-time buyers.

“But you don’t feature our products in your pages,” say advertisers. “You don’t have equipment reports. Why should we advertise in your magazine?”

Because we deliver readers who enjoy photography, not just buy equipment. Any survey will tell you a person who goes into photography buying the latest shiny equipment is not a long-term customer. His interest will fade faster than an unfixed negative.

But a reader who loves to take photographs, not just collect cameras, will stay with a camera brand for years. He’ll be a loyal and repeat customer who’ll buy at least two more lenses after his first lens. The average among amateur photographers is around three lenses; among professional photographers, around six lenses. He’ll probably also own two or more camera bodies of the same brand.

The passionate photographer will also invest in accessories–everything from flash units to bags and even OEM camera straps.

Photographers will stick with your products for the long term; equipment buyers will not.

Better buyers than readers of gadget magazines.

As explained in the previous question, gadget freaks are not your long-term customers. In addition, gadget magazines are thrown aside when the next issue comes out. Their product info becomes as obsolete as the equipment themselves.

Better than fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Readers of fashion and lifestyle magazines are not into serious photography, never will. Seven out of ten will probably not even be interested in point-and-shoot cameras. Their lifestyles and tastes run more along the lines of cell phone cameras. That’s about as point-and-shoot as they want.

Longer life than newspapers.

True, we don’t have the same reach as the daily broadsheets. But advertising efficiency isn’t just about cost-per-eyeball, but also reading life–how long the page stays on the reading table. Because our magazine contains informative, instructive articles, we get read again and again and again. And we’re kept on the bookshelf, not thrown away after one day.

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